why People Hate Android

Why People Hate Android ? 5 Myths To Clear

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Why People Hate Android?

I think almost everyone uses the Android phone these days. Some people prefer to have an android phone, but on the other hand, millions of people hate Android. Android devices are popular for a variety of reasons. Every year, a new edition of the operating system arrives with intriguing new features.

Every month, it seems, the top Android manufacturers release new phones with great specs, cutting-edge new hardware, and exciting new features. Despite all of our admiration for Android phones, there are a few features that we despise. If you want to know the most common Android phone problems, then continue reading the page.

Bloatware & User-Interface

One of Google’s Nexus phones provides a “pure Android” experience, a beautiful thing. However, phone makers and mobile carriers each make their own, sometimes significant, adjustments to the user interface. In this way, Apple is better than Android. Some, like Samsung’s TouchWiz, Motorola’s MotoBlur, and HTC’s SenseUI, even add their own UIs.

And no carrier or manufacturer can avoid cramming their phones with their apps, which frequently duplicate Google’s software’s functions. Not only does this imply that the Android experience varies significantly between phones, but it also means that carriers and manufacturers have been neglecting the fact that bloatware has long been a security issue.

Wondering why you have to run Exe files on Android? Do I need it? Running Exe files on Android will allow you to access programs not ported to the Android OS yet. Most Android users run these files on Android to install old Windows games.

why People Hate Android

Virus & Third-Party App Stores

It’s a misunderstanding that Android is prone to malware while iOS is not. However, with so many malware-infected apps in the Google Play Store and so many third-party app shops to pick from, malware on an Android phone may be easier to download than on an iPhone.

It’s easy and fantastic to download what you think is a reputable program and end up with harmful software on your device. It would be best to avoid downloading apps from third-party app stores, download links on websites and in-app adverts. Although malware-infected apps are available in the Apple App Store, the problem of suspicious and harmful apps is far more apparent on Android.

Phone Updates & Bug Fixes

Fragmentation is a well-known issue with the Android operating system. Google’s Android update system is flawed, and many Android users will have to wait months to acquire the latest version.

Many users wonder if their phone, which is only a year or two old, would ever get an Android upgrade. The issue is that Android updates don’t merely bring new capabilities or improve the operating system’s appearance.

Updates generally include patches for problems and code that will improve performance and crucial remedies for severe security issues.

I’m not too fond of Android Because Good APPs Are Hard to Discover

Though Android has many fantastic apps, I still hate my Android Phone because it also has many bad apps, and the Google Play Store doesn’t always make it easy to tell the difference. When you search for a popular app or game, you’ll usually find a slew of knockoffs, and searching for an app that’s popular on the iPhone may or may not come up with anything for your Android phone.

Many of the trendy new apps that you read about on tech sites are initially released for iOS and then released for Android some months later.

Final Words

Phones are being in use everywhere. Android phones are affordable but have many issues, and people hate Android. Apple phones are costly, but they are excellent.

Well, the main issue is security. The phone companies try to develop the best phone operating system to provide more comfort to people.

Phone apps include malware and other viruses that damage the phone’s memory and data. So, it is hard to discover safe and secure apps for the android phone.