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How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Android 11

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There is no denying the fact that smartphones have a great impact on our lives. It makes our life much easier and efficient for all of us.

Almost everyone has a smartphone, so as a smartphone user, you will be well aware of its various functions and modes. So the question is do you know what is a ‘safe mode?’. And what are its benefits? How to turn it off? Keep reading the post to get all the answers.

What is a safe mode?

Every Android has a safe mode and it is mainly developed to troubleshoot the phone. It helps sort out all the small problems relating to the hanging of mobile, slowing down, automatically closing the applications, and other similar issues of Android. These problems can easily be solved by turn Off safe mode.

Sometimes you may often get safe mode on your own. Once it is enabled, your smartphone goes to default settings and fixes all the problems. In this regard, safe mode is activated already in your Android.

All the installed applications (whether from Google Play Store or any other third-party website) become inactive. Then Go to settings and uninstall the app that is causing the problem.

Regardless of how helpful the safe mode is in critical conditions but sometimes we get stuck in this mode. This mode limits what you can do with your phone. However, whatever the reason is if you are looking for how to turn off safe mode? Then you have landed yourself at the right spot.

How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Android 11?

To turn off safe mode, we are giving you a simple step-by-step guide. Follow this and we will show you how you way out?

Restart Your Phone.

The simple way is to restart your phone as Restarting can fix other small issues too.

Press and hold the power button until the pop-up menu appears. Here from the pop-up menu click Restart.

For example, in case you did not find the Restart option there. Then press and hold the power button for few seconds. The phone will turn off.

Using the Notification Panel.

In some devices, the safe mode option is given in the notification panel.

  • Open a notification panel
  • Click on the “safe mode enabled” option to turn it off.
  • Now the phone will immediately restart and safe mode will be turned off.

Use the Power And Volume Button.

Using a combination of the Power and Volume button, it will be turned off.

  • First, turn off the phone
  • Press and hold the power button until a logo appears on the screen then;          
  •  Release the button.
  • Immediately press the volume down button and hold it for a few seconds to access the safe mode. From the safe mode panel, start your phone normally.

Take Out The Battery.

If you haven’t turn off safe mode yet. Then turn off your phone and remove the battery for 60 seconds. Once the 60 seconds are over, then place the battery on the phone and restart the device. If the matter is still not resolved then move towards the next step.

Remove Faulty Apps.

When the phone is in ‘safe mode’ you can’t use any third-party apps but you can remove them. Go to settings and check all the apps and start removing the recently downloaded apps.

Because if your phone is just having a problem then chances are higher that your newer apps causing the problem. To uninstall the app, click on the app and uninstall it and reboot the phone. This slow process will eventually save you from the final step that is the factory reset.

Factory Reset.

If all the previous troubleshooting steps still do not work then you are left with only one option that is factory Reset. This last option will fix all the issues surely but once it is used, it will delete all the internal data of your phone. Most people don’t want to use this step. So at any cost, if you are left with a factory reset then

Go to settings.

Try to find Backup and Reset. Click on this option.

“A factory Data reset” option will appear.

Once you click on “factory data reset”. A reminder will appear to tell you that you are about to turn your phone back to its original state and will lose all your data. Click OK and then tap Reset phone.

It will take a few minutes to finish.

Putting it all together.

Buggy apps, bad updates, and other similar things can trap the user in safe mode. We have explained a step-by-step guide to help a user get out of this situation.

When the user turn off safe mode then he will be able to reinstall all the apps again.

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