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How To Run Exe File on Android Without Root 2021

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Wondering is there any way you can use Windows Exe programs on Android OS? These types of files with format extension EXE are designed to work with Microsoft Windows Operating System. Have you tried opening it on the Android smartphone and failed miserably? Well, the reason may be that you do not know how to run the Exe file using other ways. Do not worry we will show you.

What is an Exe file?

The executable file format is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system. The setup files for computer programs come in this type of format allowing the user to install the entire program by opening the file.

Different types of data, several programs, or codes execute on the system to open files of this format. Android and Linux are not compatible with this file format natively as it is only designed for specific operating systems.

Wondering why you have to run Exe files on Android? Do I need it? Running Exe files on Android will allow you to access programs not ported to the Android OS yet. Most Android users run these files on Android to install old Windows games.

Run Exe File on Android Without Root

There are many ways and options to run Exe files on Android, either through an emulator, app, or some other means. Though there is no guarantee that all Exe files will run on Android. Some special ones do not open on Android OS even with help from an external source.

DOSBox Emulator

It is a go-to method for running Exe files on Android OS. The DOS Operating System running DOSBox Emulators helps open Windows or MS-DOS compatible files on Android. The aFreeBox is one of the best DOS BOX emulators to open such files.

Many DOS BOX applications allow you to run and install old Windows files on other platforms. An Android user can download DOS BOX apps from Google Play Store.

However, we would recommend you to use a free box as it is the easiest to use. Here’s how you can use this app to run Exe files on Android.

  • Download, install a free box app from Google Play Store on an Android smartphone or tablet.
  • When the app is launched, DOS with the Command-line interface will appear.
  • The usual download folder in the internal memory or the default C Drive is assigned as /storage/emulated/0/Download.
  • Place or copy the Exe folder to a new download folder, and rename the file to something easy to remember.
  • Enter cd [directory-address] on the Command line if the user wishes to change the directory.
  • Enter the name of the Exe file you copied in another folder and hit enter.
  • Followingly installation of the application or game package will begin. You can open it once the installation is completed.

Inno Setup Extractor

This Exe file opener is hands down the best and easiest way to run Exe files. Even people with little technical knowledge can use it efficiently. No need to go through multiple steps to open and install executable files. Just a few steps and you are on the roll.

This extractor is a more direct way to run Exe files on Android, and the easiest one. Here’s how you can run Windows-compatible files on Android.

  • Download and install this Exe file opener to run Exe format extension files. Download Inno Setup Extractor from the Google Play Store.
  • Download the Exe file on Android for a desired game or program.
  • Use the file browser to navigate to the Exe file
  • Open the downloaded Exe file with this application
  • This app will extract the downloaded file you can check them later for further action.

Remote Desktop Viewer

You may not have heard of this method before, this way, you can run Exe files on the smartphone indirectly. With Remote Desktop Viewers, the Exe files will be installed on a computer but can be viewed and controlled using Android phones. It would still be quite similar to opening apps on smartphones. Turn Off Safe Mode

Here’s a complete guide as to how you can control exe files using Remote Desktop Viewer.

  • Download and install any freeware VNC Client, our recommendation is TightVNC.
  • After done with the initial setup, proceed to copy the external IP Address and Port number to route the connection.
  • Install any VNC viewer app on Android and enter the IP with the port number.
  • Access PC using smartphones

Lastly, even though there are more than one ways to run Exe files on Android but not all Exe programs are designed to run on smartphones even if the device has the highest-end hardware specs. For instance, it would be foolish to expect Doom Eternal to run on your new Android device, however, the 1993 Windows version of Doom, could be installed on Android using Exe file openers.