disable auto-start apps

How to disable auto-start apps in Android Latest 2021

disable auto-start apps

Tired of unwanted apps starting automatically affecting the mobile’s performance and battery? You are not the only one as many Android users encounter this issue from time to time. These apps start on their own and tend to hog the phone memory.

An Android user will witness slowdowns and lags during heavy tasks and the smartphone will take up more time to complete a certain command. You can resolve this issue by using some in-built features. Each Android device comes with such features to enhance the phone’s performance and deal with such problems.

Stop Apps From Auto-Starting On Android

There are more than one ways to stop apps from starting automatically on Android. We will take you through each method to help you optimize your phone’s performance.

Disable or Force Stop

Some Android smartphones have an in-built option to freeze apps or allow you to block the apps running in the background. Block the app that starts running automatically following these steps

  • Navigate to Settings > Applications > Application Manager.
  • Click the app you want to freeze or force stop.
  • Select Force Stop to stop these apps from running in the background.

This will not permanently stop the app from auto-starting as once you begin to use the app again, the auto-starting option will be automatically enabled.

Developer Option

Inside the developer’s option, you can view which apps are running anytime. Using this option will help you stop the system and other apps saving you memory usage and battery. Here’s a short guide on how to do it.

  • Go to Android, scroll down, tap About Phone. In some phones, it is called About this Phone or About this Device.
  • Navigate to the “Build number” option. If you can not find it, try searching it under Software Information.
  • Tap Build number 7 times till you see the message “You are a developer now.”
  • This will direct you to the Developer Options screen, if you are not redirected, try searching the System header for Developer options.
  • Click Running Services to see a list of apps.
  • Tap the apps you wish to freeze or stop running in the background.
  • Click Stop.

Apps stopped using this method will not restart automatically. If this does not work for you, we have another method for you as well.

Battery Optimization

Another way of limiting apps activity in the background is through the Battery optimization feature. This in-built feature will restrict apps from consuming resources like battery and memory in the background stopping apps from starting automatically. Turn Off Safe Mode

  • Go to Settings on the Android device
  • Scroll down to Apps & notifications
  • Navigate to Advanced > Special app access > Battery Optimization.
  • Select the ‘Not Optimized’ option if not enabled by default. Now, select the apps you want to freeze by enabling Battery Optimization and tapping on Optimize.

Adaptive Battery

Most Android 9 and up has a new feature rolled out by the name of Adaptive Battery. This app uses machine language to determine which app you are using now and which will be used later.

This option places the app into five predetermined App Standby Buckets depending on usage; Active, Working set, Frequent, Rare, and Never.

Only frequently used apps will be provided CPU and battery usage whereas apps never used would have limited resources.

This feature will allow less active apps from using the phone’s resources. Here’s how you can enable this option.

  • Go to app settings on Android phone
  • Tap battery
  • Scroll down to Adaptive Battery
  • Toggle on the feature

Startup Manager

If none of the above-mentioned ways worked for you, ask help from an Android app, Startup Manager. It is a free app that will let you be the judge of which apps to start up when you boot the rooted device. Get this app by searching Startup Manager Free in the Google Play Store.

  • Tap the app icon (black icon with a blue clock inside)
  • Click install
  • Launch Startup Manager and tap Allow. A list of apps will show up configured to start automatically.
  • Toggle on the blue button adjacent to the app to stop the app from starting automatically. The blue button will turn grey.

Restricting Activity Through Third-Party Task Killer App

If nothing else works, using a task killer should be your last resort. Android is a self-contained environment so try any of the above ways before asking for help from an app. These apps allow you to trace and limit the activity of inactive apps.

Some popular, functional Third-party task killer apps are the Doze, Greenify, Purify, and All-In-One Toolbox. Just install any one of these apps and follow on-screen instructions to stop the apps from running in the background.

Putting it all together

, apps that start automatically and run in the background cause battery and performance problems. There is no one way to disable this app, therefore, we have presented you with a nice mix of methods that will bring the Android performance back to optimal levels.