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How to change font style in Android 11 Best Way?

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If you love Android and have been continuously using Android smartphones for a long time. You may get bored by the default fonts after a while. Are you thinking about changing the font style in Android 11? Yes, you are free to change font styles, icons, color, and icon shape using styles and wallpapers. Font style is the way a word is written alone or in a sentence. Android lets the user not only customize ringtones and background images, etc but also fonts. In today’s world, the need for different font styles has increased. How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Android 11?

Almost all Android devices let the user change the font style. There are few fonts available besides the default one but a user can get more from the Galaxy Store. Changing a font style may take only a minute although it is as straightforward as you think. Keep reading the post to learn how to change fonts for Android 11?

How to change font style in Android 11 using notification panel?

  • Scroll down the notification panel and click on the “setting” icon.
  • From here, click on the “Display” icon.
  • From Display, Tap on “styles and wallpapers”.
  • Then click on the screen.
  • Here you will see 4 font styles in the Android 11 version.
  • Select whatever the font from the list and click next.
  • You will be able to change icons, accents, color, and app icon shape.
  • When you add the “style name” then click on apply.

How to change font style in Android using Home Screen Settings?

  • Press and hold the home screen blank area for a few seconds in Android 11.
  • Tap on “styles and wallpapers”.
  • At the bottom left corner, click on “Style”.
  • Tap on ” Screen” as you did in the previous method.
  • From 4 available font styles, click on whatever font you want and click next.
  • When you add the ‘style name’ then apply.

How to change font size in Android 11?

Font size can also be changed easily and it will increase or decrease the text on the screen. Follow these steps to change the font size of Android 11.

  • Scroll down the notification panel and click Settings.
  • From settings, click on Display.
  • Tap the “Advanced” option.
  • Now touch on the “Font size”.
  • Here, set font according to your choice Small, Default, Large, or Largest.

How to change Display size on Android 11?

When a user changes a display size it will increase or decrease the size of items on the screen. Due to a change in size, some items may change their positions. Keep reading to learn how to change a display size.

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on the “Display”.
  • Then touch the ” Advanced”.
  • From Advanced, click on “Display size”.
  • Select from small, large, default, or according to your choice.

Can you use any third-party apps or launchers to change the font style of Android 11?

There are lots of third-party apps that will let you manually change the fonts for Android. However, out of hundreds of apps, only a few can win the trust of users. We have mentioned the most popular tools in this regard.

  • Apex Launcher.
  • Apex Launcher is a popular option for fonts. Once it is installed it will only change the fonts within a launcher and it is expensive too.
    • Go to the “settings” option of Apex Launcher.
    • Select the “Home Screen” option.
    • Click on the “Layout and style” option.
    • Click on the “Label Font” and pick whatever option you want to use.
  • Go Launcher. Go Launcher is designed specifically for users who want to customize their phones. Do the following to change the fonts on the Android.
    • First copy TTF or OTF font files on your smartphone.
    • Press and hold anywhere on the home screen and Select Go settings.
    • Choose “Font” from the list and select whatever you want.
    • Once it is selected then press Scan to add files to your device.
  • iFont. iFont is not a launcher, it’s an app that is used to change fonts in Android. The third-party app is completely free to use on various Android devices like Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei, HTC, Sony, and many others.
    • First, enable “unknown sources” and install the tool.
    • Launch the app and find the “RECOM” or “FIND” option for fonts.
    • Tap on whatever font you want to install.
    • Click the download button, and tap on the “set” button to install the font.
    • Then Go to Android “Settings”, click ” Display” and then on “Font size and style”. New font should appear on the list.
    • The font will be applied immediately.

In the nutshell,

The default fonts are pretty plain and people get bored with time. Numerous font styling apps provide the best fonts efficiently. Users can change the fonts to freshen up the Android. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the above methods and give your phone a new look.