apk (.apk) VS app bundle (.aab)

Difference between apk (.apk) VS app bundle (.aab) New 2021

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apk (.apk) VS app bundle (.aab) New 2021

Android phones and other android devices play a critical role in our business lives. Millions of amazing apps are available on the internet because an android or a smartphone looks not professional without these apps.

The app developers use various codes to program an app for an android device. Such apps contain a .apk extension, and they cannot work on desktop computers and laptops.

The users use emulators to run android apps on their PCs. Blustacks, Nox, and Memu emulators are the most popular emulators on the internet. You can download them free from the various websites.

 On the other side, app developers search for a more convenient way to publish their apps. Android app bundle helps to publish apps in a small size.

Android APP Bundle (AAB)

It is the latest app format to publish the android apps on the Google play store. It offers a more efficient way to forward the app.

The Android App Bundle makes it easier to give a fantastic experience in a smaller app, which can help you increase install success and decrease uninstalls.

It’s simple to make the transition. To start profiting from a smaller app, you don’t need to refactor your code. You’ll also benefit from modular app development and configurable feature delivery when you will go forward.

Android Application Package (APK)

The app developers develop their apps as Android Application Package files. Such apps exist as .apk file extensions because the android operating system accepts this file extension to install it on the device.

People also call them Android Application Kit. Android uses this file format to distribute and install apps. As a result, APKs include all of the components that an app requires to install on your device.

APK stands for “archive file,” which means it contains several files and metadata about them. Other forms of archive files, such as ZIP and RAR, are presumably familiar to you. We use APK files to install apps on android devices such as phones and tablets.

In most cases, we use archive files (such as ZIP) to bundle many files into one to make them handier or compress them to save space.

When we use an archive to deliver software, it becomes an APK file. So, we can say that all APK files are ZIP files, but all zip or archive files cannot be APK files.

Android App Bundle-vs APK

Google unveils Android App Bundles at Google I/O 2018 as part of Google’s attempts to minimize the size of Android apps.

Google Play produces APK files for multiple device specifications, including CPU architecture, DPI, and languages, using App Bundles.

Split APKs are diverse APK files that fulfill a specialized purpose. Through a method known as Dynamic Delivery, Google Play then delivers the optimal configuration of the app (one that works best for your device).

How To Install Android App Bundle File

You can find an android app bundle file installer on the Google play store. This file installer also helps to install APK files on your device. How to run Exe file

Here are some possible points to install android app bundle files.

  • Open the APKMirror Installer app after downloading the. APKM file from APKMirror (Free, with in-app purchases). Then, from the “Browse files” menu, choose the. APKM file. Press the name of the.APKM file, then tap “Install package” from the pop-up menu.
  • APKMirror Installer displays the app details. Then, at the bottom, tap “Install the app,” followed by another tap on “Install” in the pop-up window to complete the procedure. When you first use the APKMirror Installer, Android will ask for permission to install the app. It will take you to the Settings app, where you may turn on the toggle or option.
  • Click open the app after a successful installation. Now enjoy your app. How to turn off safe mode

Wind Up

Android phones use only APK files, but sometimes, people download AAB files on their phones. Both file formats are not similar. Android app bundle files are more convenient than APK files.